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Kinderskischul Novelty: Hare & Co – learning with fun characters Skiing  “Learning Carousel” for small Pistenflitzer.

2012-12-12 11.22.45

Once again, the Ski School Scheffau makes a new release of fresh air in the industry:  Using a special children’s ski carousel can even the smallest tots  on the first day stand on their own skis. So just makes the Ski course fun! “A children’s carousel we had some time in our children’s Kaiserland” says Skischulchef and developer Gerhard Told. “But we wanted the game to a device  develop genuine learning device, in which the children playfully learn already from day one how to stand properly on skis “.

The principle is simple: Funny characters like a snow hare, a dragon, a snowman or the small snow Kaiser invite the little ones to ride on a: in an opening at the back of the figures, the tots can stick to their carousel friends and share with them their run laps through the snow. Guides for the skis make it easier to keep track of, so the kids learn by themselves to go in the right direction. Told: “Especially the little ones are not so concentrated – with the help of our new carousel learn even the plow by itself so it does not happen that children inadvertently going in the wrong direction or is no longer able to stop..”  Messing, the children used to the skis and gain confidence in the white  Underground. And above all: Learning is fun and goes by itself.

With this new development, the Ski School Scheffau is once again on innovation  in terms of children’s ski instruction. For headlines already attended years ago, even  developed and patented Minicarver for children (can even be used without its own ski boots!) and the KinderKaiserland®, the skiing adventure park where children learn with fun and games, the first turns in the snow and in also a model for many similar facilities the Alps was.


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